Chamber Resources

Little help? Here ya go.

Sample Video on Reverb

from LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a course on Reverb by Alex U. Case with over 3 hours of content, plus exercise files, on all things reverb. Chamber reverb is, of course, part of the discussion, and one chamber video is available to non-subscribers. Simply follow the course link above to see more; scroll down to section 5 and you’ll have open access to the video, “Setting up your own reverb chamber: The Architecture.”

A Glimpse Into a Chamber

Used for Film Sound

With the added dimensionality of an English Accent and 50s Newsreel Speak.

Chamber, in action, at 0:29, with sound at 1:15. This gem is a video from BRITISH PATHÉ whose library is full of amazing documentaries, interviews and classic films.

Please visit

Portlandia – Recording Studio Fetish

Reality TV at it’s best. OK, it’s only totally real to us.

Chamber at about 1:00

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