Hitsville: Two Houses with a Studio and Three Chambers


Chambers in the Attic

at Hitsville, USA

There are 3 Reverb Chambers in the Attics at Hitsville.

The famous recording studio at Motown was, of course, in the white house on the left with the blue trim. The red brick house next door was acquired and became part of the business. Ultimately, the two houses offered three reverb chambers, all serving the original studio. The first chamber was in the attic of the house on the left. Two more chambers were built in the attic next door, the first quite similar to the first. But the third chamber received more design attention and the details are shown below.

Reverb Chamber - General
Motown Chamber 1: Attic at Hitsville


  • Walls & Gabled Ceiling: plaster on 1/2″ gypsum wall board
  • Floor: ~1″ cement on plywood
  • Opposing Walls Are Parallel


  • Bookshelf Loudspeaker
    • 8″ Woofer
    • Metal Dome Tweeter


  • RCA 44BX
  • Shure 545

Motown Chamber 3: Attic Next Door


  • Walls & Gabled Ceiling: plaster on multiple layers of gypsum wall board (1-1/2″ thick)
  • Floor: ~1.5″ cement on plywood
  • Very Smooth Surfaces
  • No Parallel Surfaces


  • 3 Speaker Systems in Parallel Use
  • Engineer (next door) could mix and match and adjust level
  • Bookshelf Monitor
  • Horn/PA Speaker
  • Bozak Tweeters + Mid Range


  • Shure 545

Have a listen to the Motwon Chamber:

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